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WaterSmart Homes

LCRA’s WaterSmart Home Program, offered in partnership with the Building Industry Association of the Highland Lakes, works with area builders, contractors and residents to encourage and promote the use of the most effective water conservation features in new homes. WaterSmart criteria consider the climate and conditions that challenge Central Texas homes. WaterSmart homes use water more efficiently than current local and state regulations require, which can result in an annual savings of about 20,000 gallons per year compared to a typical home.

A WaterSmart home includes water-efficient appliances, a well-designed landscape that does not require much water, and other features to help it make the most of the water it does use. WaterSmart home features will help your new home use every drop of water wisely. This helps protect the limited resources of the Colorado River and the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

To learn more about the program, view the one-page Fact Sheet. For more information, please contact Brett Briant at 512-369-4775, or via email at brett.briant@lcra.org